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Our Change Process


Drugs that destroy lives

Drugs can blight the lives not only of drug users, but also the lives of the people around them, such as friends and family.

Result of how drugs can destroy lives

Drug use can put enormous strain on the body, lead to mental illness and, when taken in large quantities or with alcohol, some substances can be fatal.

So, at New Start Recovery Home for Women we provide our clients with a Change-Renewing of Mind combined with Process and Lifestyle Changes.

Changing the lives of women from drug addicts to productive leaders in todays workforce.

This is done through our Program Format that consists of the following 12 steps to change:

  1. Make a decision to change.
  2. Totally and completely turn over your will to your higher power.
  3. Possess a strong desire to change.
  4. Deepen or increase your knowledge base.
  5. Look into the world as a mirror.
  6. Diligently apply the truth you learn day after day.
  7. Guard the entrance to your heart.
  8. Defend your mind against old thoughts.
  9. Be selective of what you expose yourself to.
  10. Dissociate from the past.
  11. Be open to correction and be teachable.
  12. Depend on higher power and others for support.




Presently there are only 3449 drug abuse treatment centers in the nation treating 453,797 people annually.

As of 1999, 73% of women in California prisons were imprisoned for non-violent offenses, the majorities (43.5% of total) of which were drug crimes.

Female incarceration

California law enforcement received 198,031 domestic violence calls in 2001.

In 2001 42% of all murdered women in the US were killed by their male domestic partner.

Women living in fear of their male domestic partner


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